Search Engine Optimization Tips & Tricks

You need to develop a local SEO strategy in order to promote your business. Whether you offer services locally or have a brick and mortar location to which you want to draw more customers, it is important to adapt your SEO strategy to your local audience. Using more general SEO techniques is a good way to gain exposure but will not result in more sales. Here is how you can reach out to your local audience.

  1. Use Location-Based Keyword

Make a list of all the location-based keywords that apply to your business. For example, if you’re in NYC you are probably already using keywords that refer to New York, but there are other more specific location keywords you should be using as well. Start using the name of your neighborhood and of nearby streets to identify your location more precisely. You can also use keywords that refer to nearby landmarks or hotels.

  1. Use Business Listings

Getting your official site, blog and social media pages to rank higher in search results take time. In fact, you might not be able to get your site to rank among the first results for searches related to the products or services you offer. Using business listings is a good alternative since some directories tend to rank high in search results.

  1. Target Mobile Users

Mobile users are more likely to head to your store shortly after issuing a query, especially if you are offering food or products that most people would purchase without doing a lot of research. You can target these users by creating a mobile website or by making sure that your official site is easy to access and navigate from a mobile device.

  1. Use Google Maps and Similar Products

You need to list your business with Google Places and with Apple Maps. Google often shows local results with directions and a map. You can claim your listings on Google Places and on Apple Maps and add more details about your business, such as a phone number, your hours and images. People will be more likely to visit your store if they see images in Google Maps and if you have a lot of positive reviews and ratings.

  1. Get Mentioned On Local Sites

Getting mentioned on local websites is a good way to gain exposure but it can also boost your ranking in search results if you can get links to your official website. Try exchanging links with other local businesses and organizations as long as you are not in direct competition with them. Ask influential bloggers to review your business take part in local events to get mentioned by local news sources.

These five SEO strategies will help you reach out to your local audience. The best strategies to use really depend on who you want to target and on how these individuals use the Internet to find local businesses. Focus on gaining exposure at a local level and on reaching out to the people who are likely to visit your business. One company, SERP Co is a great example of an SEO agency who has chosen a particular niche by providing SEO services specifically for lawyers, attorneys & law firms.

Creating this kind of information is an excellent way to engage your audience, and grow potential leads (if you include a lead magnet!)

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