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Online Marketing in Los Angeles

Internet marketing is the most popular form of advertising among businesses. According to studies conducted by analysts, most consumers rely on the web to get recommendations before purchasing a particular product. Companies can build strong relationships with prospect customers through regular and cost-effective personalized communication with them through the internet. Social Media Examiner states that 97 percent of marketers are currently involved in social media. HubSpot reported that 92 percent of marketers in the year 2014 claimed that social media was vital for the success of their businesses. The statistics illustrate the enormous role of the internet in increasing sales of businesses.

Online marketing trends that have dominated 2016

· App marketing

The continued, and rising popularity of mobile devices has the seen the increase in app marketing in the year 2016. Mobile users now depend more on mobile apps to get information about certain brands and products. Business owners and app developers are being provided with tremendous opportunities for large enterprises such as Google to use to their advantage. Recently, Google announced the introduction of a new feature within search results called app streaming. The new feature allows users to access an app functionality without necessarily having it installed on their phone devices.

· Facebook Live provides marketers with a global outreach

Facebook is launching a live video streaming feature to Facebook users in the news feed. The video stream is capable of attracting a significant amount of prospect customers who are interested in the live video. Video streams provide marketers with an organic reach. The feature is built into a subscribe button for the customers to get notified the next time a new video is streamed. The Facebook Live feature is also designed with a privacy tab to filter the type of audience that can get access to the video stream.

· Instagram marketing

Brands have a huge opportunity to engage with their prospects through the mobile-based photo- and video-sharing social media platform. Since its launch barely six years ago, Instagram has shown a significant growth regarding the number of active users and the photos and video shared. The social media platform has recently launched an app called Boomerang. The easy-to-use app can be used to record a one-second video. The app provides marketers with plenty of options such as the ability to share quick videos without sounds. Brands can also use Boomerang to highlight their company in a more creative and fun way. Studies show that 85 percent of online viewers do not turn on the sound when streaming online videos. For more information about Instagram Marketing visit: SEO Firepower – Los Angeles Page


· Personalization

Online marketing is flooded with millions of content and hundreds of brands from both established businesses and start-ups. Internet users get tired of coming across the same thing every time they log into their social media accounts. Online marketers are working hard to give more exclusive and customizable experiences to every prospect by use of technological and logistical limits. They include logistical features, varying types of content, and personalized recommendations upon repeat visiting.


Benefits of online marketing

· Online marketing gives brands a global outreach

Online marketing provides companies the ability to syndicate their content and enhance their visibility. Marketers can easily access new customers and increase familiarity among the already existing customer base.

· Online marketing improves brand loyalty

According to a study conducted by Texas Tech University, companies which engage their customers on social media platforms, enjoy higher loyalty from the customers. The study recommended that businesses should take advantage of the tools provided by social media platforms to stay in touch with their audience. Another research that was done by Convince&Convert found established that 53 percent of Americans are more loyal to the brands they follow in social media channels.

· Internet marketing is cost-effective

HubSpot states that 84 percent of marketers, use as little as six hours per week to generate sufficient traffic for their products. That translates to only one hour a day to develop content and syndication strategy. The paid advertisements on Facebook and Twitter platforms are also relatively affordable depending on one’s goals and objectives.

· Social media marketing enhances customer insights

Marketers acquire valuable information about their clients via social listening. One can know what the audience thinks about their brands by going through the comments.

· Internet marketing provides increased inbound traffic

Each and every social media profile one adds, and the piece of content in it gives an opportunity for a new visitor. Quality content syndicated on social media leads to increased traffic, and the more traffic indicates increased leads and conversions.