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Coding Tech Camp vs Traditional Summer Camp For High School Students

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The job market no longer has room for generalist. Every day the world is becoming more and more specialized. People without specialized domain knowledge will be left behind. They will not be able to find employment that will be fulfilling or that will allow them to live a comfortable life. One particular industry that continuously provides people with a good standard of living, a profitable skill set, and rewarding work is in the field of technology. Technology is all around us, those who do not learn the language of technology will be left behind. It is because of this that parents should consider enrolling their high school student in a tech summer camp.

Traditional summer camps for high school students just won’t deliver the same benefit as a technology based summer camp. Even for students who are not technically inclined, and those who might end up going into other industries, understanding the language of technology will be beneficial. It will allow them to work in a lot of industries that might actually interface with technology. Everyone has computers, everyone has smart phones, in the future a computer or computer related devices will be everywhere. Even industries that are not technologically heavy now, will use more technology in the future. Understanding how this technology works, being able to speak to engineers and programmers will benefit any kind of worker. Technology today is what being able to write well in the past used to be. Anyone in any industry who could write well would see their career blossom, they could become communicators, they could express their ideas to a larger audience and become quite valuable to their industry. Understanding the language of technology is that particular skill today, a unifying skill set that allows a person a lot of opportunities.

New York Summer Campus

One benefit of a technology-based summer camp is that it teaches a high school student how to think logically. Programming computers and learning computer programming languages is all about mastering logic. Understanding how things go together, solving complex problems, it even teaches patience and perseverance because programming problems can take quite a long time to figure out. Taking a technology course will also help improve math skills, it brings mathematics to life, and problem-solving to life on a level that a traditional classroom cannot provide.

Technology skills create opportunities, flexibility and a very interesting future. The type of skills that are taught in a technology camp can allow a student to work anywhere in the world if they invest in truly mastering the skills. As the economy becomes more global, as technology unifies people across borders, companies hire people from all over the world. With this reality, it also means that a person can work from anywhere in the world with these type of skills. In a world where being mobile, being flexible, being able to move to take a new opportunity, being able to make an income from anywhere in the world using high-paying technical skills, it is simply a no-brainer to help your high school student develop these kinds of skills. For more information about high school summer camps please visit New York Summer Camps.

Traditional summer camps are okay but technology-based summer camps are much better. Even for students who are not technology inclined will benefit from learning technical skills. It will teach them how to think on a different level and the experience will teach them how to solve problems and how to make math come to life. It will improve their ability to use logic in a very application oriented manner. For those who find out that this is something that they enjoy, it will allow them a lot of economic opportunities in the future, it will allow them to have location independent work, flexibility and employment and it will prepare them for the world to come.

Search Engine Optimization Tips & Tricks

You need to develop a local SEO strategy in order to promote your business. Whether you offer services locally or have a brick and mortar location to which you want to draw more customers, it is important to adapt your SEO strategy to your local audience. Using more general SEO techniques is a good way to gain exposure but will not result in more sales. Here is how you can reach out to your local audience.

  1. Use Location-Based Keyword

Make a list of all the location-based keywords that apply to your business. For example, if you’re in NYC you are probably already using keywords that refer to New York, but there are other more specific location keywords you should be using as well. Start using the name of your neighborhood and of nearby streets to identify your location more precisely. You can also use keywords that refer to nearby landmarks or hotels.

  1. Use Business Listings

Getting your official site, blog and social media pages to rank higher in search results take time. In fact, you might not be able to get your site to rank among the first results for searches related to the products or services you offer. Using business listings is a good alternative since some directories tend to rank high in search results.

  1. Target Mobile Users

Mobile users are more likely to head to your store shortly after issuing a query, especially if you are offering food or products that most people would purchase without doing a lot of research. You can target these users by creating a mobile website or by making sure that your official site is easy to access and navigate from a mobile device.

  1. Use Google Maps and Similar Products

You need to list your business with Google Places and with Apple Maps. Google often shows local results with directions and a map. You can claim your listings on Google Places and on Apple Maps and add more details about your business, such as a phone number, your hours and images. People will be more likely to visit your store if they see images in Google Maps and if you have a lot of positive reviews and ratings.

  1. Get Mentioned On Local Sites

Getting mentioned on local websites is a good way to gain exposure but it can also boost your ranking in search results if you can get links to your official website. Try exchanging links with other local businesses and organizations as long as you are not in direct competition with them. Ask influential bloggers to review your business take part in local events to get mentioned by local news sources.

These five SEO strategies will help you reach out to your local audience. The best strategies to use really depend on who you want to target and on how these individuals use the Internet to find local businesses. Focus on gaining exposure at a local level and on reaching out to the people who are likely to visit your business. One company, SERP Co is a great example of an SEO agency who has chosen a particular niche by providing SEO services specifically for lawyers, attorneys & law firms.

Creating this kind of information is an excellent way to engage your audience, and grow potential leads (if you include a lead magnet!)

Online Marketing in Los Angeles

Internet marketing is the most popular form of advertising among businesses. According to studies conducted by analysts, most consumers rely on the web to get recommendations before purchasing a particular product. Companies can build strong relationships with prospect customers through regular and cost-effective personalized communication with them through the internet. Social Media Examiner states that 97 percent of marketers are currently involved in social media. HubSpot reported that 92 percent of marketers in the year 2014 claimed that social media was vital for the success of their businesses. The statistics illustrate the enormous role of the internet in increasing sales of businesses.

Online marketing trends that have dominated 2016

· App marketing

The continued, and rising popularity of mobile devices has the seen the increase in app marketing in the year 2016. Mobile users now depend more on mobile apps to get information about certain brands and products. Business owners and app developers are being provided with tremendous opportunities for large enterprises such as Google to use to their advantage. Recently, Google announced the introduction of a new feature within search results called app streaming. The new feature allows users to access an app functionality without necessarily having it installed on their phone devices.

· Facebook Live provides marketers with a global outreach

Facebook is launching a live video streaming feature to Facebook users in the news feed. The video stream is capable of attracting a significant amount of prospect customers who are interested in the live video. Video streams provide marketers with an organic reach. The feature is built into a subscribe button for the customers to get notified the next time a new video is streamed. The Facebook Live feature is also designed with a privacy tab to filter the type of audience that can get access to the video stream.

· Instagram marketing

Brands have a huge opportunity to engage with their prospects through the mobile-based photo- and video-sharing social media platform. Since its launch barely six years ago, Instagram has shown a significant growth regarding the number of active users and the photos and video shared. The social media platform has recently launched an app called Boomerang. The easy-to-use app can be used to record a one-second video. The app provides marketers with plenty of options such as the ability to share quick videos without sounds. Brands can also use Boomerang to highlight their company in a more creative and fun way. Studies show that 85 percent of online viewers do not turn on the sound when streaming online videos. For more information about Instagram Marketing visit: SEO Firepower – Los Angeles Page


· Personalization

Online marketing is flooded with millions of content and hundreds of brands from both established businesses and start-ups. Internet users get tired of coming across the same thing every time they log into their social media accounts. Online marketers are working hard to give more exclusive and customizable experiences to every prospect by use of technological and logistical limits. They include logistical features, varying types of content, and personalized recommendations upon repeat visiting.


Benefits of online marketing

· Online marketing gives brands a global outreach

Online marketing provides companies the ability to syndicate their content and enhance their visibility. Marketers can easily access new customers and increase familiarity among the already existing customer base.

· Online marketing improves brand loyalty

According to a study conducted by Texas Tech University, companies which engage their customers on social media platforms, enjoy higher loyalty from the customers. The study recommended that businesses should take advantage of the tools provided by social media platforms to stay in touch with their audience. Another research that was done by Convince&Convert found established that 53 percent of Americans are more loyal to the brands they follow in social media channels.

· Internet marketing is cost-effective

HubSpot states that 84 percent of marketers, use as little as six hours per week to generate sufficient traffic for their products. That translates to only one hour a day to develop content and syndication strategy. The paid advertisements on Facebook and Twitter platforms are also relatively affordable depending on one’s goals and objectives.

· Social media marketing enhances customer insights

Marketers acquire valuable information about their clients via social listening. One can know what the audience thinks about their brands by going through the comments.

· Internet marketing provides increased inbound traffic

Each and every social media profile one adds, and the piece of content in it gives an opportunity for a new visitor. Quality content syndicated on social media leads to increased traffic, and the more traffic indicates increased leads and conversions.

A Post on SEO

Search Engine Optimization Techniques You Should Be Aware Of
1) Keyword research – This is the very first step in the SEO process. You have to identify the words, terms, and phrases that people are using to find your website online. In order to accomplish this, you are going to need a reliable and accurate keyword research tool. So far, the best tool in the market is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool which you can use for free as long as you have a Google account. You can use other keyword tools if you want but it’s advisable that you start with the Google Keyword Tool.

2) Backlink building – The number of high-quality links that point to your website is a significant factor that search engines consider in ranking your website. This is because a backlink serves as some kind of a vote for the value that your website provides. The more high-quality links you get, the higher your website will rank in the search results. However, you shouldn’t overdo this or you will be penalized for link spamming/farming.

3) Content creation and content marketing – This is purely about creating content that you will either publish in your own website or in a third-party website with a link pointing back to your site. This is a very effective strategy especially if you are a talented and prolific writer.

4) Social media optimization – Search engines today are now taking into account the social media chatter that surrounds a particular website in identifying how it should be ranked in their search results. With that said, you should take the time to be active in social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Use these platforms to direct people towards your main website.

The Bottom Line
If you really want to grow your business online, it’s highly recommended that you learn about SEO and implement it on your website. If you rank highly in Google for a particular set of keywords, you can expect a steady stream of visitors who are more likely to become customers.


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Welcome to Sector 114! This is Larry Heredia, also known as HarryLarry signing on for the first transmission of Sector 114 2016. I will be hand selecting news, updates, and strategies form the finest internet technologists and curating the best content.

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